Welcome to my style blog where you can find all kind of inspirational moodboards, regular outfit post, my personal trend preferences and some of my impressions from travels.



I’m Theresa. Originally I’m from Yerevan (Armenia). After living in Plovdiv and Burgas, now I found my grounds in Sofia.


Currently, I’m working for ELLE Bulgaria as their Art editor and Head of Online. I’m a graduated journalist, so I’m happy that this is actually what I do for a living.


I’m studying for M.A. – Arts and Contemporaneity, so this is why besides fashion you will see some deviations in my posts. And yes – this I consider a hobby, as it brings me joy. Sometimes, when in the mood, I like to take photos of beautiful people (my photographer friends tell me that I’m doing a decent job, so I’m trusting their judgment).


I’m also all about the nightlife, so there’s a huge possibility to see me not only at the gallery halls but also in the club, bouncing to some new Kanye West tracks. Balance in life is important, they say.

Most of the clothes I wear in my posts are custom made, as my mom is a designer.

I’m very inspired by the 60’s culture – all the fashion, people and movies.

I’m very into pop art. The colors and the irony – what not to love.

I speak fluent Armenian, Bulgarian, English and Russian. I know basic French. I can start a conversation in Spanish and if you speak really slow (or type it) I can even answer.

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