The Butterfly Effect

Let’s Talk About Fast Fashion

I’m from those people that will not go and buy all kinds of stuff just because they are on sale. Most of my pieces in the wardrobe are well thought of and because of that, I can wear them for years mixing and matching.

If you follow up on my blog maybe you have noticed that when it’s something that is hyped for the season I go to the affordable brands. The essentials of my wardrobe though are custom made.

Of course, I will go and buy something especially for an event or a festival but again, I am aiming for things that I can wear again in the future.

I have different vibes and inspos for different seasons. It’s not weird for me to wear a bohemian dress in the summer and more tomboy look in the fall.

Actually, we have used to look at fast fashion brands as a way to buy quick and cheap trendy stuff but there is a way that we can shop from them wisely.

Let me explain my way of shopping and how I add new items to my wardrobe.

I’m a hypebeast? Certainly not.

A hypebeast goes for all things trendy right now and for the hottest items of the season. There are a lot of things that I like seeing on different people but if my body shape doesn’t encourage me to wear them I just don’t. Sometimes you just cannot pull off bicycle shorts as well as Hailey Bieber.

What I usually do to create a harmonic wardrobe for the season is … well … a list.

First, I start with the new trends that I’m sure are gonna stick around at least a year or two. Those are the ones I invest in.

Second, I put some new accessories on the list – the ones that are the bestsellers right now. Those are the items that are gonna refresh your look and bring on some chicness to your outfit.

Then, I see what is just a one-season thing and if I’m in love with it I try to find the most affordable option there is. It’s just not going to be fashionable next season, so there is no point to put more resources than needed.

As I said different seasons different waves, styles and objects inspire me. This summer I am into the 80’s LA diva glam with the short blond hair, big gold earrings, hats and all things dramatic.

On this outfit, I have a straw hat I’m wearing second summer now, an elegant black bag that looks on point with all kinds of outfits, sandals that can be used with sportier looks and a beautiful richly printed butterfly dress that is a perfect option for all kinds of spring/summer rendezvouses.


Dress – Dresslilly / Shoes – TendenZ / Hat – Meli Melo / Bag – Mango