A summer well spent and documented

There are this kind of people that wont stop visiting certain places till the end of their life (or at least till the end of the coolness of that place’s life).

Well, (pointing at myself) I’m one of those people.

I love new energy, new places, new faces but I also like safe places where the atmosphere and the people’s vibes are comfy enough to want you to come back again and again.

This summer I discovered the coolness of a place, where I spent maybe 80% of my vacation.

The thing about the sea and the beaching process is that I don’t like it wild.

Seriously! A yummy cocktail and good soulful music is all I need under the sea.

So, my safe place to relax was this spot in Gradina where the time was stopped and the view was great.

Do I even need to mention the positive people and the good friends that are a must have for a great spent summer?

We had cold drinks, plastic-free policy, happy moments and lot of pictures in-and-out-of-focus to share.

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