Rainy but fun and very enjoyable I will add!

Let me take a moment and confess that I didn’t know much about Berlin, and Germany in general. My knowledge of the German culture comes from the dark fairy-tails, Gothic architecture, the nihilistic philosophers… and Craig Russell’s crime novels. So, I have this Mordorish-like idea of this part of the earth. Kind of a Victorian vibe, if you get me.

I might say that little did change after my visit. I really should sit down and read/watch something more positive coming from the German people. So if you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

Although, I was very impressed that despite the not-so-prefect weather Berlin was very welcoming and not gloomy at all.

Plus, this city has very photogenic streets!

And for an amateur photoshooter like me, it was a great delight to just randomly walk around the town and you know … take pictures.


The BEAR named LIN

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While we were having an evening walk I got curious why the symbol of the city is a bear. Then I asked a very touristic question – does the animal reference come from the “Ber” in the beginning of the city’s name? They told me … Well … NO!

Although, Wikipedia says different.

As per the online encyclopedia I’m not far from the truth. “Since the Ber- at the beginning sounds like the German word Bär (bear), a bear appears in the coat of arms of the city. It is therefore a canting arm.”

Can I dust my shoulders, now?


Speaking of evenings, I just have to give some space in this post for the super cute dinner – Benedict. This place is all about the breakfast. It doesn’t matter which hour of the day it is, the great fellas working there will always greet you with “Guten Morgen”.

And can we just take a moment and appreciate the flamingo in the middle of the hall? The beauty of this place is that there are no rules – you can order mimosas in the very morning or pancakes in the late evening.



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Berlin impressed me with it’s architecture. My urbanist soul was very satisfied with all I saw. By that I mean the balanced communication between the modern minimalist buildings and the old richly ornamented ones. If you love to take pictures the city is giving you all the leading lines and the perfect symmetry for a great shot.


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I couldn’t just be there and not visit The Museum für Gegenwart. It features major figures and movements in art since 1960, taking up where the Neue Nationalgalerie leaves off. The original impetus for its elaborate redesign was Erich Marx’s collection. There you can find the outstanding selection of works by Joseph Beuys, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, and Cy Twombly. These pioneering artists transgressed the boundaries of art.


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Yeah, on Sunday. Couple of hours before my flight back to Sofia. Although I enjoyed the random walk around the Altes Museum.  I had the time to stop by at the DDR museum, also. Which was pretty cool. Although, surprisingly,  coming from Ex socialist republic I know a lot about that period of time.

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