I went to Milan to see NEW YORK


Who ever knows me is familiar with my fascination for POP art and pop culture in general.

That was the main reason why I spent 2 of my 4 days in Milan just to stare at art. Contemporary art.

The Museo del Novecento has a soul-satisfying exhibition called New York, New York till 17 September.

Ugo Mulas, Paolo Baratella, Mimmo Rotella, Sergio Lombardo – these are only few of the names of the Italian artists who worked in NY during the 60’s (a decade which deeply inspires me).



I wasn’t able to see the original by Da Vinci, but I was more than happy that I could stand next to Andy Warhol’s 60 Last Suppers.

The sober black-and-white reproduction is repeated 60 times so that, from a distance, the ten meter-wide silkscreened canvas appears like an image of a modernist building with a grid of identically scaled units.







The Italian portrait and street photographer meets at 1964 the art critic Alan Solomon, the art dealer Leo Castelli and many other Pop Art American artists. He decides immediately to leave for New York. His first trip in 1964 is followed by other visits to the city in 1965 and 1967, during which he puts together an extraordinary body of images that document New York art world.

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More from Museo del Novecento …

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