So this has been a while … last time a posted a picture of me here I was still a redhead. Now I am blond, but before we get to there I want to talk about my trasition from redhaired to purplehaired.
 I had my 50 shades of red for over 2 years and after I cut my long locs 2 times I thought it is about time to go further and go bald purple! 

 Unfortunately there is no magic trick here and I had to bleach my hair to get the color I wanted. So, from this dark-redhead I became the light-purple-lavenderish colored chic. A big thanks to Kremena Koleva from Салонът, cuz she got me the purple I wanted. 

I got my hair bleached for the first time and it took Kremena 3 hours only to remove the red from my hair without damaging. So we got this white-orange thing on which she put the purple dye. The brand is called Movie Colors and the pastel shades were brand new in Bulgaria. They don’t have purple that’s why Kremena put pink and blue together to create this yumm shade.
The resoult was pretty cool, although you could still catch a bit ot rednes in some areas. Actually, Movie Colors don’t containt ammonia and they don’t last too long on your hair. You can say bye-bye to the pretty shade after 2-3 showers. After that I felt like a “My little Pony” character ‘cuz my hair had every color in it – starting with white. 
I am blond now, but I most definitely adore purple colored hair and I think, maybe, soon I will try it again.

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