Halloween is my favorite holiday! I have always loved creepy stories and vampire movies and all kinds of freakish characters! But dressing up as a famous/or not so famous/ character is definitely my favorite part. I think that as a child I have been little bit disturbed  ‘cuz I always liked the evil villains and imagined how some day I’m gonna RULE THE WORLD … so … I have been a sociopathic little girl .. I guess. 
As a new, fresh redhead I have a lot of options for a costume this year. For those who are wondering I’m not going to be “The little mermaid”. Umm I think I would be a grate Jessica Rabbit or Lara Croft but I chose another personage. Don’t know how am I gonna pull out that outfit but I’ll could upload pictures so you will be the judges. 
This is my pre-Halloween photo-shoot. Chick gone mad. Killed a man. You know … classic story-line. 

Photographer: Alexander Todoroff – Quasar


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