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Fall Trends 2012

What  to FALL “IN” to and what “OUT” of your wardrobe!

OK  .. we all know September is the January in fashion! This is when the Summerish Nirvana ends and everybody gets back to .. uumm .. well … what ever do they do. For me Fall is the season when I do most of my important shopping and totally renew my wardrobe. So in this post I’m gonna show you some of the fall trends, plus some easy looks that you can pull off for this season.

Here we go.

1. Dandy Look
– Last Fall I was soo into the dandy shoes, the bow ties, bowl hats. Well my passion for the boyish look is not over yet, so I’m adding in my wardrobe more cardigans, blazers and jackets. And definitely some colorful TIES!

2. Skinny Jeans aka MY Lazy Move!
– Pay attention now! This is one of my tricks when I’m running late and I’m totally confused of my room’s messiness, absolutely don’t know what to wear, I’m out of inspiration or I just need to get home and quick change for a rendez-vous. So the formula is Blouse + Skinny Jeans + High Heels, as the blouse and the High Heels have to be in the same color. Works for me every time.

3. Leather all the way!
-One of this seasons hit is the Leather. Jackets, shoes, gloves, pants,shorts even skirts EVERYTHING in leather is “IN”. I like to freshen the black leather with colors as royal blue or light grey.

4. The Girly Girl.
– The fluffy skirts and dresses are welcomed in your wardrobe. It’s OK to show up sweetness in the grey day. You can always twist it up a lil bit with a hat or sneakers so you wont look all sugary.

5. City Look

– Picture a cloudy, windy Autumn Sunday morning. You just woke up knowing that after an hour you’r going out for a Sunday-Coffee-Chat with your BFF. This is my idea for a nice outfit for that occasion. The jacket under the blazer wont let you freeze and the wedges are classy and comfortable enough for a walk.

6. Fall Colors – Vintage.
-If you don’t know I’m a sucker for the 60’s. This fall I’m upgrading my wardrobe with colorful tights and A-shaped dresses. And let’s not underestimate the power of the scarfs – more is better!!

 …. Stay Tooned for more Fall Looks … 🙂 


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