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    January is the ultimate Monday!

    LET’S START THE YEAR WITH PASSION This month my mood is very girly and bubbly. I adore Sofia Coppola’s works as one of my favorites is Marie Antoinette. The music, the dreamy colors and the little details in the movie are so soul absorbing. If you’re searching for an inspiration the glamorous French teen queen is a great source to find some ideas. *** Този месец настроението ми е много момичешко и преповдигнато. Обожавам работата на София Копола като една от любимите ми е Мария Антоанета. Музиката, нежните цветове и малките детайли във филма направо ви абсорбират душата. Ако търсите вдъхновение, френската тийн кралицата е чудесен източник за намиране на идеи.

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    WITH WISHES OF A WHIMSICAL LIFE The winter holidays with all of the bright lights, color combinations, scent of cinnamon cookies bring happiness and cozy feelings. It’s a magical time of the year when people remember that they should be a better version of themselves. I wish you all to find the child inside of you who can always discover the prettiness in the smallest things. Love yourselves, find something that makes you fell blessed from the universe and shine the brightest you can, because every each of us is a stardust that has the ability to glow. Happy Holidays! *** Зимните празници с всички си ярки светлини, цветни комбинации,…

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    Hair-volution & finding my BFF – Ella by Mi Amante Professional

    From redhead to lavender blond & beyond I have changed my hair color a lot. I have experimented with my hair’s length, shortness plus I have had all kinds of bangs. You probably wonder, how did my hair survive? *** До сега съм си променяла цвета на косата твърде много пъти. Експериментирала съм много и с дължината й. Вероятно се чудите как е оцеляла косата ми?   But before I tell you what is the current state of my hair’s health I will go through my hair-volution. In the beginning  there was my original brunette hair (shout-out to my BFF Franky who thought my natural hair was dark blonde). After I…