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    7 weeks till official Spring

    Sun shining in February Orange.  Orange is a new color in my wardrobe. The shade debuted in my closet last season with this cute bag from Zaful and as far I am having so much fun with recklessly adding pop of color to my usually toned-down outfits. Tweed. It will never get out of style. Usually I wear tweed jackets with jeans or pair of black pants. Florals.  Groundbreaking, I know. But I can’t wait for the official spring so I can wear all the colors and all the florals I bought last  month and I am pretty sure I’ll continue with the spring shopping till March. Hats.  I am obsessed with hats.…

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    SHOPPING TIME: Gimme some color

    – WISHLIST –   The T-Shirt Pulp Fiction/ check here /   The Pants     UNRAVEL PROJECT / check here /   The Dress RIXO LONDON / check here /   THE BOOTS   ASOS KENDRA Point Over The Knee Boots / check here /   The Bag   WEST 57TH / check here / The Hat Givenchy Florals 4 Spring? Ground-breaking / check here /   The ART   Jeff Koons Balloon Dog Decor / check here /      

  • Inspiration

    January is the ultimate Monday!

    LET’S START THE YEAR WITH PASSION This month my mood is very girly and bubbly. I adore Sofia Coppola’s works as one of my favorites is Marie Antoinette. The music, the dreamy colors and the little details in the movie are so soul absorbing. If you’re searching for an inspiration the glamorous French teen queen is a great source to find some ideas. *** Този месец настроението ми е много момичешко и преповдигнато. Обожавам работата на София Копола като една от любимите ми е Мария Антоанета. Музиката, нежните цветове и малките детайли във филма направо ви абсорбират душата. Ако търсите вдъхновение, френската тийн кралицата е чудесен източник за намиране на идеи.