Hair-volution & finding my BFF – Ella by Mi Amante Professional

From redhead to lavender blond & beyond I have changed my hair color a lot. I have experimented with my hair’s length, shortness plus I have had all kinds of bangs. You probably wonder, how did my hair survive? *** До сега съм си променяла цвета на косата твърде много пъти. Експериментирала съм много и с … Read more

Scorpio? Oh God!

WHAT IS LIKE TO BE A SCORPIO AND HOW DO I EVEN LIVE WITH MYSELF? Photo: Art Studio Allure by Peyo Peev *** EN *** Usually when people ask me of my zodiac sign, after my answer they continue with „Oh no!“. Now, I’m not really sure if is it because all of the myths about … Read more