IT’S A MURDER BUSINESS  Halloween is my favorite holiday! I have always loved creepy stories and vampire movies and all kinds of freakish characters! But dressing up as a famous/or not so famous/ character is definitely my favorite part. I think that as a child I have been little bit disturbed  ‘cuz I always liked the evil … Read more

Fall Trends 2012

What  to FALL „IN“ to and what „OUT“ of your wardrobe! OK  .. we all know September is the January in fashion! This is when the Summerish Nirvana ends and everybody gets back to .. uumm .. well … what ever do they do. For me Fall is the season when I do most of my important shopping and totally renew … Read more

Last Day Of Summer

Sadly, today is the last day of summer. So put on some colorful clothes and make your Friday bright and just get ready for the Indian summer   Last Day Of Summer by quaintrellee featuring vintage style sunglasses