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    ENJOYING LAST WARM DAYS Red is for the way you look at me… Oh wait, this wasn’t the song. Still, if you have the need to feel on the top of the world this is the right color for you. Usually, when I’m asked if I have a fave color I decline, saying it depends on my daily vibe, but I can’t take my hands off clothes and accessories dripping in this bright nuance. Photography: PLAMEN GAVRAILOV Outfit: Dress – H&M ; SHOES – Truffle Collection; SUNGLASSES – RESERVED; BAG – TendenZ

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    ONE PANDA BACKPACK & TWO BLACK AND WHITE LOOKS Before the teddybear winter, there is the trendsetting season – the fall. As usual, I am embracing the black and white combo trend – which doesn’t necessarily need to be boring and dull. There are so many ways you can combine these two achromatic colors. As you know, I love bringing fun and playful themes into my wardrobe. Doesn’t matter if it’s a t-shirt or socks – fashion for me is all about the mix and match game. After last winter going around with a Moschino Teddy case, I don’t mind walking in town with a fluffy panda backpack. THE LOOKS:…

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    IN BETWEEN THE SEASONS And here we are again in mid September, clinging to the last warm sunlight there is. As the Climate’s change is evolving, the summer get shorter and shorter. I hid my long sleeves, maybe two months ago and I’m veeery sad that I have to bring them back in the closet so soon. Saying goodbye to the lovely weather is difficult, so let’s make it slowly and with style. I love to mix summer essentials with my fall clothing. Here you can see a white t-shirt with a sassy print that I found while shopping online, black pants and my super comfy sandals which I was…