Spring, come out, come out where ever you are …  I soo miss the sunny days. The weather report shows that here in Bourgas is gonna be cloudy and rainy the whole week. So I found some ultra sunny pictures from Yerevan and I’m cheering-up myself that soon I can wear my little dresses and colourful … Read more

What to do?

Dans le Café Ahh … those well spent days outdoor with a good book and a cup of nice coffee. I often take some free time to enjoy little things. If you haven’t done things that make you happy .. well .. it’s about time! Take a day OFF and do some stuff you love … Read more


IT’S A MURDER BUSINESS  Halloween is my favorite holiday! I have always loved creepy stories and vampire movies and all kinds of freakish characters! But dressing up as a famous/or not so famous/ character is definitely my favorite part. I think that as a child I have been little bit disturbed  ‘cuz I always liked the evil … Read more